Corporate philosophy

“Pursue only the real thing.”

Based on our corporate philosophy, we will deliver only really good products to all customers and peers.

Even today, in the Internet society, the emphasis is on offline.



Business content

Retail sales

We sell your products to well-known retailers all over Japan.


ES site sales

We can sell your products by planning a sales strategy for each product.

Platform sales We can sell your products on various platforms such as, Yahoo Shopping, Rakuten Ichiba, and BASE.

Import and export

We handle various products in Japan and abroad. “Providing excellent overseas products to Japanese customers.” “Providing excellent Japanese products to overseas customers.” Both are our important missions.

Advertising agency

Advertising strategy is paramount in selling products. From our abundant experience and knowledge, we will derive the optimal solution for your advertising strategy.

WEB marketing

We can do all the work from advertising strategy to mail delivery to customer list, education, sales strategy to maximize purchasing motivation, construction of payment method.


If you have a new and great product, crowdfunding PR is the best choice. Crowdfunding campaigns are the focus of many companies. Maximizing sales by order brought about by crowdfunding is also an important point, but it is excellent in terms of PR activities.

We know how to crowdfund new products to further accelerate subsequent sales. We have a strong relationship of trust with “Makuake”, the most famous crowdfunding platform in Japan. You can also run campaigns at “Campfire” and “Green Funding”.